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We’re sorry, everyone. After some discussion, we have realized that we need some extra few days to finish Double Homework Ep 19. The final episode of DH is massive, actually the largest chapter we’ve ever released, and despite our best efforts, it is unrealistic to have it ready by today.

All November patrons will still receive access to the game and rewards via the Patreon messaging system, once it is released. If you cancelled your pledge already, or are planning to do so, please do not worry, you will not be left without. We really appreciate everyone’s support during these times of change for the studio.

The delay is especially hard because you’ve already had a long wait. We messed up, we take full responsibility and we’re going to do better in the future.

Just to clarify: all content for the episode is finished. We are currently putting everything together in the engine. Given how important this episode is, we want to make sure all the scenes and paths are working as intended and meet everyone’s expectations. We really don’t want to release something tomorrow that feels rushed considering how much time and effort we’ve already put in.

Double Homework Episode 19 and all other rewards will be released in the next few days on Patreon, as soon as the game is ready. By the way, this delay shouldn’t affect December’s release schedule, and the first Epilogues for Double Homework are still going to be released at the end of December.

Much Love,
The Love-Joint Team.


 by Gg in November 30, 2020

Any chance you could reveal how many epilogues are in the plans? Specifically, I an wondering whether Jo and Tam will get their own endings and whether secondary characters will get something on their own. Thanks!

 by Ricky in November 30, 2020

We will make a specific post soon to explain what do we have in mind for the Epilogues.

 by Roman Torchwick in November 30, 2020

Roman Torchwick says hello

 by Dear Leader in November 30, 2020

Honestly, just take your time. You can't rush an art and that is what you create. We'll all be patiently waiting. For episodes as good as these, the wait is worth it.

 by Zed in December 1, 2020

Thank you! :)

 by Roman Torchwick in December 1, 2020

Zed-Senpai, Ricky-Senpai, please notice me

 by Zed in December 1, 2020

Hello Roman, hope you have a good week! :)

 by DukeLeto7 in December 2, 2020

You guys don't have much to apologize for yet. You've gone through an immense disruption. When you go three months collecting Patreon money without any new content or progress updates, we'll get concerned.

 by Zed in December 2, 2020

We'd never let that happen, thank you for the support!

 by Joseph pruner in December 2, 2020

So if you still have a subscription to palmer will we still receive the patron benefits to DH ep 19.

 by Zed in December 2, 2020

Hi Joseph, nope, we have no control over Palmer's Patreon. As we've said previously, please cancel your pledge there and request a refund through Patreon. Our new Patreon can be found here! :)

 by Lurxio in December 2, 2020

Sorry for asking, but when is the new free Episode Comming ? 😅

 by Zed in December 2, 2020

As usual no planned date, but keep an eye on here and the Discord!

 by duggle in December 2, 2020

Although I have been impatiently waiting for this release so I can get that disgusting image of Dennis out of my head at the end of Episode 18, I realize that my discomfort is WAY less important that the support you all need right now. I wish you all the best and can't wait to see this Episode.

 by J. Cyberghost in December 5, 2020

I am myself the founder of a website and the thing I hate the most is hypocracy. Your slogan is "creating free adult games" yet all I see is paid episodes with free ones being thrown, as if in charity. I understand earning income but this... is simply hypocracy and nothing else. Earlier you guys used to maintain a rigid schedule of release of both paid and free releases. Every month used to be one free and one paid. All of that is in the drain. The reason I feel bad is because when DFD was running I had personally recommended the website to hundreds of my friends here in India and they all feel cheated. 20 dollars is akin to 1400 rupees... a lot more than what most people here get as spending money... I know you guys won't give a damn. But I am officially giving up on all of you... I felt you guys had a proper business model. But all I see right now is beggary for more money from people while under performing again and again.

 by Silva in December 6, 2020

Just going to point out that they release their games for free over time. Patrons just get it earlier than everyone else as they're helping support the creators.

 by Patrick in February 10, 2021

I was just wondering how much longer till you can release DH ep 19. I really love it. No rush though. Please reply back :)

 by Zed in February 12, 2021

Hey Patrick, we don't set release schedules to save people being disappointed. We are still yet to release episode 17/18 officially here, so keep an eye out!

 by Bob in July 2, 2021

I can’t wait for this final episode to be released for free! I am loving the story, the characters, and overall game. Keep up the great work Love Joint!!

 by Tomas in September 23, 2021

Sorry to bother you, because I asume that you have recieved this question a lot of times, but, is this episode and the epilogues will ever be free? Thanks for answering and for the great story

 by Zed in October 1, 2021

Yes, it will be at some point!

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