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Game Release

Double Homework – Episode 19 has been released to $10+ patrons! Click here to play now!

As you can see in the graph below, this is by far the longest episode text and image wise we’ve ever done, breaking the previous record set in Ep18. We really needed the extra time to make that happen. Again, apologies for the delay!

$20+ patrons get a visual bonus scene with the MC, Tamara and Morgan playing in the pool, over 250 images from the chapter, and cheat codes. Claim it here!


 by imk in December 5, 2020

any plans on a season 2? or are u guys planning on leaving DH behind and starting something new?

 by Zed in December 6, 2020

We're starting something new for now, we'll talk more about it soon :)

 by imk in December 7, 2020

Cool, Really excited for what the future holds for you guys and the future content you'll create

 by Blake in December 6, 2020

Will this episode be available for November patreons as stated before?

 by Zed in December 6, 2020

Yes of course!

 by Bot in December 6, 2020

I think this has to be the best game so far! :D I hope at some point there is going to be a season 2 sort of thing afyer the game you have planned now like what "imk" said. However, maybe it might have a different title but same characters (all 6 girls) and it takes place just after Rachel finished the Olympics and comes home (4 or 5 years later and hopefully not looking too different XD?). Also, maybe you needed to have completed this episode in order to play "season 2" because it needs to know who you picked as your girlfriend for the new game?

 by Bot in December 8, 2020

P.S. Not just Rachel not looking much different but all of them. Also, the very ending is really well written like the whole story. I enjoyed both the Rachel and Lauren as the gf endings. If it were me in real life though, I would have went with Rachel only because of how the MC left her originally and I would feel bad for dating someone else when there was the option of getting back together to fully and properly reconcile instead of just reconciling but date someone else. I am tempted to write potential season 2 plot ideas (like when you read them on wiki from start to end) and sending them to you. Is that ok? If you use any or combine the ideas into 1 plot for a second season, no financial credit required. I just want a "season 2". XD My name in the credits would be awesome though but that's less important than actually seeing a second season. :P

 by Zed in December 8, 2020

Feel free to be creative!

 by Pepe in December 14, 2020

You guys got different endings? Did you guys end up with Johanna and Tamara and a bonus gf as well or was it just Lauren for example. And how did you achieve that. I am genuinely curious at how the game played out for others or if it was same for everyone. I mean for me, after episode 14 or 15 I think, the only characters I had sex scenes with was Jo and Tam, while I was having with everyone in previous episodes so I'm kind of curious if this was the case for everyone

 by Pepe in December 14, 2020

you guys got different endings? did you end up with Johanna and Tamara and another or gf as well or was it just the one. I am genuinely curious as to how the game played out for others. For me after episode 14 or 15 I only had sex scenes with Jo and Tam, while in previous episodes I had with all the other girls regularly, so I'm curious if that's the case with you guys as well or if it was just me. Anyway I posted a similar comment a little earlier but it didn't seem to go through, but if it gets sent twice then ig i don't know how comments work in this site

 by Barry in December 8, 2020

Yes there should be a Season 2 if this game. There is a lot to accomplish. Don't left the game behind

 by Zed in December 8, 2020

Maybe one day, we have no plans for that though in the foreseeable future.

 by Barry in December 7, 2020

Please make plan for season 2 this game is by far the best and worth a spinoff movie. I would love to support but It's impossible. Thank you for your hard work please don't left this game behind

 by Zed in December 8, 2020

Thank you for the kind words!

 by Kebar Lavonte Morgan in December 7, 2020

For some reason, I cannot access double homework 19 in patreon. Was it released yet? I am a $20 member & enjoy the following of the story . Beautiful story writing

 by Ricky in December 7, 2020

The link is in the post. What's the issue?

 by Kebar Lavonte Morgan in December 8, 2020

I would click on the link, and take me to a patreon post with nothing there, but a blurry photo & words. No game, was just wondering if the game would be released later or something wrong with my patreon

 by Zed in December 9, 2020

This is the link for the EP19 Patreon post, it's not working for you?

 by ÇröwñFîst in December 8, 2020

Are you guys even gonna release episode 16 for free or not...😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺

 by Zed in December 9, 2020

Yes of course! We don't set release dates in advance to prevent disappointment, keep an eye out!

 by Adam in December 9, 2020

I never expect a porn game to make me emotionally attached to the characters.This is my first porn visual novel style,already finished DFD on the time of waiting DH episodes to be released for free,but it's just this game makes me more attached than DFD does.But still i would gladly be waiting for if there's a season 2.Btw are you guys gonna upload the soundtracks for DH on youtube maybe? It is a great soundtrack.

 by Zed in December 9, 2020

Hey Adam, I'm glad you enjoy DFD and DH! It's all copyright free music chosen by AW (the writer)!

 by Gamer in December 12, 2020

Would you guys consider writing a Variable Editor for DfD? I never played the later episodes, and I'd prefer not to have to start all the way from the beginning again!

 by Zed in December 12, 2020

Unlikely at this time, there are always save files for the later episodes if you don't feel like playing all the way through (although they do give generic choices).

 by Jonathan Roche in December 12, 2020

What is going on with Patreons website?

 by Zed in December 12, 2020

Hey Jonathan, what problems are you having? Are you sure you're trying access our new Patreon rather than Palmer's account?

 by Pepe in December 14, 2020

I have some questions. During my playthrough of the game, I actually fucked the secondary girls and Ms Walsh but in the dialogue the game kind of acted like I haven't in this episode. Was that a continuity issue or didn't it read my saves properly or something? Also why weren't they any other sex stuff with the other girls in latter episodes, that was actually kind of a bummer took a lot of the fun out of the game, which I loved by the way I don't want to sound too harsh just wondering. Anyway your game rocked guys, great work

 by Zed in December 16, 2020

Did you use the same save? And there are scenes in the later episodes with the other girls, but they depend on your previous choices. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the support!

 by Pepe in December 16, 2020

Alright all has been solved, I was advised on your patreon site to use the variable editor and then replayed 14-19 normally again with all the sex scenes and the ability to add another girl into my ending and I got Morgan with Jo and Tam. Only kind of weird thing was that the intro didn't acknowledge the sex scenes but it was no issue since the actual game was back to normal and continuity worked properly. So all there is to do now is just thank Palmer and your team for an awesome game

 by Zed in December 17, 2020

Glad it's all working and that you've enjoyed it! :)

 by Pepe in December 14, 2020

Guys I guess there has been an issue with my saves and I got a Jo and Tam exclusive game from episode 14 and onwards which is kind of a shame because it changed the whole experience and all my choices in the game. I would really appreciate it if it could get fixed so I can replay it from episode 14 with my actual choices

 by obeseboi in December 15, 2020

When will this be released for free im brok af

 by Zed in December 16, 2020

We don't set dates in advance, keep and eye out here for free episodes :)

 by Gpendre in January 19, 2021

Will be ever free the game because I can't afford to pay the Patreon fee, I would gladly wait patiently for it. Btw I love the game so far, and keep up the good work

 by Zed in January 19, 2021

Hey! Yes, we will still release them for free eventually.

 by Gpendre in January 20, 2021

Thank you and I wish you guys the best

 by Justin in January 25, 2021

When I first found out about this game, I was wondering how the story would progress as I play on. Just finished Episode 18 a couple of days ago, but sadly, I wish I had the money to become a patron so I can be able to play this episode. You guys have done an amazing work with this game, and I hope you will create another amazing game. I'm now just waiting for Episode 19 to be released for free. I know you guys don't set dates in advance to avoid disappointment, but I can't wait for it. Again, you're guys' work is amazing!

 by Zed in January 26, 2021

Thank you so much for the amazing feedback Justin, I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!

 by Fluo in January 30, 2021

First of all, I would like to say that it is an excellent game. But I must say it makes me sad that the game is coming to an end. :( I'm now on episode 19 and have paused for the time being when choosing between the girls. I wanted to make sure that I do nothing wrong from the moment and wanted to inform me on Discord between the choices. Unfortunately I found nothing on Discord. ! ! ! Spoiler Warning ! ! ! I now have the choice to break up with a girl (Morgan in my case) or to break up with Joh & Tam. But there is also a third possibility and that is to ask if the girl (in my case Morgan) shares you with Joh & Tam. Now for my question, if I choose the third option, does it have any consequence between the relationship with the MC and Joh & Tam? Or can it also be that Morgan does not agree to share and I unfortunately have to do without Morgan? I didn't want to post this on Discord in case someone who isn't on episode 19 reads it. But I will still leave a "spoiler warning" in this text a bit above. Well, now I've asked everything and hopefully someone else will read this. :D The only thing I'll say now is that it's an incredibly good game that's really captivating and well written. I just love each of the characters... okay, except Dennis. Keep up the good work. :)

 by Fluo in January 31, 2021

I answered everything myself by just playing on. :D If you want you can delete the first comment, or just keep it. As already written in Discord, great game, with very good story and characters. I am glad to have played it. <3 Keep up the good work!

 by Souro in May 11, 2021

Hello creators. Since I am a late comer, first of all I am sad on Palmer's demise. I am pretty sure he is happy somewhere where we can't go. May his soul rest in peace. Next, this game has been an amazing journey for me. I never thought I would be so invested in the charecters like's hard to say but all I know is these charecters are not just ending with the ending of the game for me. I will remember them forever. But sadly, since after ep 18, I have been in a panic to what Dennis did to Tamara and Johanna, and since I am broke like hell I can't even afford to be a patreon. I have tweeted my congrats on your official Twitter handle, and I am doing it here just so that you guys can release ep 19 for free for all us broke fans... And keep up your good work💝💝

 by Zed in May 13, 2021

Thank you for the kind words! We will be releasing it for free eventually, so please keep your eyes peeled!

 by James in September 4, 2021

I am starting to doubt that this will ever be released for free. It’s been over 6 months since the original free release date. I know you all probably have a lot going on but come on. It’s already finished so there is no excuse for it not to be released for free.

 by Michael A Stiers in September 29, 2021

Is it going to be available for non patron at any point in the future

 by Spart in October 25, 2021

When episode 19 will be available for free?

 by Zed in October 25, 2021

No ETA right now, it'll be announced here as soon as we do :)

 by Chris in May 21, 2022

I know you have already heard this for the past one and a half years, but PLEASE make a season 2 of DH! I am really emotionally attached to this game and it's characters!

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