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Hello everyone, we hope you’re all well!

Hopefully all patrons enjoyed the ending of Double Homework, but rest assured we’re not done just yet! It’s time to check in on our girls with the upcoming epilogues.

This month, patrons will be getting the epilogue that catches up with the MC, Johanna and Tamara. The second epilogue coming in January will catch up with our other beautiful ladies. Don’t forget to click on the image above to enjoy the preview in full resolution.

$20+ patrons can head to platinum corner on our Discord channel for another sneak peek at this month’s content. Click here to learn how to get your Discord role.

We’ll be sure to share more about this and our next game shortly!

Stay safe,
The Love-Joint Team


 by thales in December 19, 2020

Will all epilogues be ready since end of january? Do you have some kind of deadline?

 by Zed in December 20, 2020

We're still planning to release the Jo/Tamara one this month, and the one catching up with the other girls next month :)

 by Tom in December 20, 2020

So two epilogues releases in total? :)

 by Zed in December 21, 2020

Correct :)

 by Bob in December 19, 2020

When are you realising next free episode.

 by Zed in December 20, 2020

Hopefully around Christmas!

 by Drew in December 20, 2020

Will be great to see happy and drama-free conclusions to the story. :) Zed, could you perhaps shed some light on what options will be features across the epilogues? Will there be option for just Jo / Tam, and any with more than 2 routes combined (e.g. Amy + Jo / Tam)? Thanks

 by Zed in December 21, 2020

Hey! This month's will focus on Jo/Tam but there will be an option to pick who you ended up with at the end of the game. January's epilogue will focus more on the other girls specifically!

 by Drew in December 21, 2020

Thank, looking forward to it!

 by Dear Leader in December 20, 2020

I am really excited to play these epilogues when they do come out. This is a really good story you've written. I never thought a "porn" game could be so good in terms of story. Hats off to you. Also, it seems I am banned from your discord. I am unsure why, but I would like to join the community there. Could you help me out? Thanks.

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