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Hey everyone, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

This month $20+ patrons can look forward to a stunning extended scene with the beautiful Amy, following on from her revelation in Double Homework – Episode 19. Amy’s path was definitely one of the most popular ending routes, so we know you guys are really going to love this one.

Don’t forget to click on the images to enjoy them in full resolution (1, 2).

The bonus scene was made by one of our very talented new artists, who we’ll be announcing alongside some previews of our next game in January 2021. $20+ patrons can head to #platinum-corner on Discord now for another special look at the bonus scene.

This scene will be released to $20+ patrons sometime this week!

Speak soon,
The Love-Joint Team


 by ehyo in December 30, 2020

any significance to Amy's ring on her left ring finger?

 by thomas in January 1, 2021

it looks like the are , how do you say that, they are exclusive now?

 by thomas in January 1, 2021

also i forgot to say nice pics. a lot of love and health for 2021 and that we beat covid19 this year

 by Zed in January 1, 2021

These bonus scenes have always been exclusive to $20+ patrons :)

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