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Here we are, nearly two years after it started, the final instalment of Double Homework has arrived to $10+ patrons. It’s been an incredible journey and we hope that you have all enjoyed the game as much as we have enjoyed making it. Thank you so much for your support during its run, it really wouldn’t have been possible without all you wonderful people supporting us.

We are still hard at work on our next project (previews here & here), and we hope you’ll stick around and enjoy that even more. We plan to release the first playable preview of the new title near the end of February. We’ll post more info about it during the next month.

Play the epilogue here!

$20+ patrons can download a stunning extended scene with Johanna and Tamara having some extra fun with the MC inside their new home. This bonus scene is by far the biggest we have done yet, and includes some extra fun that people have been requesting! 

Download it here!


 by dev in February 1, 2021

look like you have completely forgotten your free users :(

 by Zed in February 2, 2021

Not at all. We still plan to release everything free, and we haven't been doing that outside of our usual timeframe.

 by Steven Gadzinski in February 1, 2021

Now that Double Homework is coming to an end, will the free to play episodes be coming out more frequently, rather than coming out every three months or so after the patron episodes are released?

 by Zed in February 2, 2021

Hey Steven! We still don't set timeframes to avoid disappointment, stay tuned to the blog!

 by Sming7177 in February 4, 2021

Eagerly waiting for the release of episode 19 for free, still stuck at the cliffhanger at episode 18. Can't wait to see Denis get his ass kicked. Amazing story with pretty characters . plz release soon

 by karan in February 5, 2021

Hey, Zed i know u have been getting this a lot to release ep19 for free even though there no schedules but if u see his from the eyes of your fans who have been waiting for months to se the game end and now when they see that ep19 had been released months back and they still can't play it , that really breaks our heart . I am from India and am sill in high school thus i do not have any credit card or debit or atm that i could pay for the game otherwise i would have done it, there are many who face similiar problems On the behalf of all of them i request you to release the ep free this month for us.

 by judas in February 6, 2021

yes , sir plz release the final episode this month . PLZ

 by Code in February 16, 2021

First off I just want to say that Double Homework has been a masterpiece from what I've seen so far. The visuals and storyline by themselves are entertaining as-is, but having them together makes them just so much better. As a non-Patron user, I obviously can only view the free episodes, and I very much understand that the wait is much longer for new episodes than that of Patrons (As it should be). Personally I don't mind waiting for public releases of the new episodes since as a non-Patron getting to see the episodes at all is something to be grateful for. One question I do have though is what will come of these epilogues? will they be released at a later date to the public like that of the regular episodes, or will they be Patron exclusive? I guess the same can be asked about the bonus scenes, but I think I already know the answer to that one. Again, thank you guys for this wonderful series, and I can't wait to see what other amazing work you all come up with in the future!

 by Zed in February 16, 2021

Hey Code, thank you so much for the kinds words. We really are glad you love Double Homework so much! The epilogues will be released for free when the time comes, the bonus scenes however are Patreon only for $20+ patrons. We hope you're looking forward to the rest of DH, along with the new game!

 by masskonfuzion in February 17, 2021

Zed (and whoever else is working on this) -- gotta say, I stumbled across Love-Joint by accident; had been playing some games by MuseX, and saw on MuseX's blog about Palmer. I'm sorry to hear :/ (And feel a bit awkward.. but that's how I discovered Love-Joint..) Now playing through the Love-Joint games, I have to say -- quality work here. That you're committing to creating free games _and_ responding to fans (who pressure you with expectations to release work, as if any kind of game development isn't time-consuming) is commendable. And -- the games are _good_. So, just keep doing what you're doing. Your fans will be excited whenever the games drop.

 by Zed in February 17, 2021

Hey! Thank you for coming to check us out, nothing awkward about that at all. Thank you for the kind words, I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying the games! ♥️

 by Anon in February 22, 2021

Can't help but feel underwhelmed by epilouge 2, kind want more w Tam n Jo, since foursomes ending is canon. really want other trio ending too, morgan n lauren ending would be amazing i know yall wanna move on, but i think there should be a 3 epilouge to really end the series off satisfactorily. i can wait, still waiting for DFD harem ending

 by Zed in March 2, 2021

Sorry you hear you were underwhelmed, as we said, we'd have love to have gone the full foursome route for each girl but it's simply impossible with the deadline! The DFD harem ending was a $20 bonus for patrons.

 by Anon123 in October 12, 2022

Are the epilogues going to open to free users?

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