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Hey guys, we’d like to give you an update on our new game. Please let us introduce you to our beautiful new redhead, Maggie!

An animal loving redhead, what’s not to love? Maggie is a local to the area and is sort of a country girl. She is soft and sensitive, but her anxiety makes it difficult for her to connect with people, which is why she is so attached to animals. She loves walking dogs for money, feeding the ducks & birds and looking after her pet goats.

We hope you look forward to meeting Maggie, there is so much more to learn about her!

New Game Release Schedule

In previous posts we pointed out that we were aiming for a release at the end of February. Unfortunately, we regret to announce that the first playable demo of our next game will hardly be ready in time to meet that deadline. Sadly, one of our new artists is facing an undergoing personal issue. With that, he needed to move away from the project with no date to return.

As you guys know, we don’t like to make excuses. Instead of that, since learning of this problem, we have tried our hardest working overtime to avoid a delay, but we have now realized there are more tasks than time available. The team is working at full throttle on development, and we are now aiming to get the first alpha out sometime in March. We understand this is vague, but we don’t want to promise a specific release date to avoid possible further disappointment. We hold high standards of our work and do not want to rush something out that we are not proud of.

We are super excited by this new project and we want to make a leap in terms of quality and gameplay. We hope this news doesn’t change your excitement for the game. By the way, if for any reason you don’t plan on renewing your membership for March, you have nothing to worry about. You’ll still receive the first installment of the new game when it gets released.

Again, we apologize for the delay and sincerely thank you for all your support. We are very grateful to have an amazing community embracing our projects and accompanying us through good and bad times. We promise: the wait will be worth it! Stay tuned for more news.

The Love Joint Team.


 by Kyren in February 19, 2021

To lift everyone's spirits can you all release DH episode 17 for free?

 by der_Schueler in February 20, 2021

This dog is incredibly cute and I'm looking forward to this game and more animals in your games!

 by Drew in February 20, 2021

Out of curiosity, which artists was it? After seeing Mr. Vargas’ reproduction of Amy I became an instant fan. ;) Looks like the fast will have something for everyone. Look-wise Valerie will be impossible to beat so hopefully she will have a fun and interesting personality

 by Zed in February 21, 2021

Hey Drew, Mr Vargas is continuing with development on the game. He's great indeed!

 by Mr. Vargas in March 2, 2021

Thank you so much for your kind words, Drew. Valerie is indeed beautiful. Don't worry about her content. I have some plans for her.

 by Lallek in March 25, 2021

For over 25 years i found my "Maggie", and now can do this a second time. Thanks for this opportunity...

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