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Hello everyone, we hope you’re all keeping well!

Another week, another beautiful girl to show you from our new game. Please let us introduce you to the stunning Emily.

Emily was the MC’s first girlfriend. So focused on her future and career prospects, she broke up with the MC when she felt she no longer ‘fit’ with him. Somehow, they still ended up going to the same college, and they still sometimes run into each other resulting in uncomfortable encounters.

There is so much more to know about Emily, but we’ll leave you to learn that yourself in the game! 😉

If you haven’t seen it already, check out last week’s announcement introducing you to our beautiful new redhead Maggie, along with an update on the release schedule. Let us know below who your favourite looking girl is so far! (Leah, Valarie, Maggie)

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend,
The Love-Joint Team.


 by Tom in February 27, 2021

Damn, a gorgeous girl - tough choice for spot #1 between Valerie and Emily .

 by Zed in March 2, 2021

Two of my favourites for sure!

 by Hanna in March 1, 2021

loving this new game idea, perhaps somewhere down the line, you would have a female protag with fem Li's? just tired of everything being male centric

 by Zed in March 2, 2021

Glad you like the look of it! No plans for that right now, maybe one day in the future!

 by Hanna in March 2, 2021

haha all good eagerly awaiting this, already smitten with atleast 2 of the characters shown lol

 by Martin in March 1, 2021

Hey, just want to ask: How many characters will have customizable names in this game? Will it be just MC and 1 or 2 main girls or more? I love changing their names at the beginning to something I prefer 😅 thx!

 by Jim in March 12, 2021

Those tits

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