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Announcement In Development New Game Preview

Happy Friday everyone!

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We’d like to introduce you to Haley, another character from the upcoming new game. Yes, the sexy blue haired barmaid you saw when we first announced the project! 😉

Despite her eye-catching hair, Haley is more introverted than she seems. She’s a better listener than a talker, which is a good quality when you’re working behind a bar. All sorts of people come to her to talk about their problems, appreciating her patient ear. As for her problems… that she doesn’t feel the need to share.

That’s all we have to say right now, hopefully we’ll get to know more about Haley in the long run.

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Expect to see more of the new game soon,
The Love-Joint Team.


 by Drew in March 7, 2021

Think she looks much better than in the first pic from a while ago. Ang glad to see more choices for those of us that prefer quiet and "nice" girls. ;)

 by Bobbyboy in March 9, 2021

Will the new game be dfd. Where you have to download. Or like DH which was accessible on iPhone.?

 by Zed in March 11, 2021

Hey, please read this post about how the new game will work!

 by L in March 9, 2021

Will you release your new game on steam?

 by Zed in March 11, 2021

We hope to one day!

 by MaxMax in March 9, 2021

Love the girls, but am disappointed in the lack of diversity. Four of the five girls have similar complexion and body types. DFD was great because the girls were all so different looking (body and face). DH also provided a decent amount of versatility. Still can't wait for the new game, but something to keep in mind for the future (or possibly extra scenes in the new game).

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