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Hello all,

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well! It’s time to show you another girl from our new game, so please let us introduce you to Sam.

The MC and Sam worked together and became friends when Sam was student council president back in highschool. The MC has helped Sam out a lot in the past and they ended up going to the same college.

Sam is very exuberant and tries to turn everything into a joke. She is uncomfortable with silence and always talks to fill the air. She is also disorganized and indecisive. Like the other girls there is a lot more to learn about Sam, but we want you to learn these things yourself!

Work continues at full throttle and we will soon bring even more news about the game. Yes we have a name, but it is still a surprise for, we don’t know, maybe next week… Stay tuned!

Keep safe,
The Love-Joint Team.


 by Hee in March 14, 2021

K, look wise this is definitely my new favourite girl!

 by ditcher in March 19, 2021

what will be the name of this new of game... im so exited about it

 by Zed in March 20, 2021

We hope to announce that very shortly!

 by Tipsy Tim in March 22, 2021

Hey, has Double Homework episode 19 been released yet? If so, where can it be found? If not, when will it be released?

 by Zed in March 22, 2021

Hey! We haven't yet officially released it for free. Patrons can play it here now. We don't have a set date to release it for free, and we still have episode 18 to release! Stay tuned :)

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