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Announcement Shale Hill Secrets

Hey guys,

Just a quick post regarding the first alpha release of Shale Hill Secrets.

We have been working hard on polish and finishing up on the new engine since we announced our release date a few days ago – but sadly, as we mentioned may happen, we are still having some slight minor issues we are working on.

Due to this, we are going to push the release back just two days till Friday April 2nd – These couple of days will enable us to fix these minor issues, ensure the game works properly and complete polish to ensure the title is in the best condition possible.

Please do not worry: anyone who was a patron for February and March will still receive the release. We are sorry about this little extra delay.

By the way, Platinum bonus content will be released as normal tomorrow.

Stay safe,
The Love-Joint Team.


 by Kyren in March 31, 2021

I´m willing to wait for this great game to release. Thanks for making sure to do your best on this.

 by Roman Torchwick in April 2, 2021

Hey, just a nick question. Since Palmer was director for DH and DFD (As well as PWU/2 and SWH) who's the director for Shale Hill? And I assume AW is still writing this yeah?

 by Roman Torchwick in April 2, 2021

Shi, I meant to say quick not nick

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