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Announcement Game Release

The March $20+ bonus scene has been released! We hope you all enjoy it, the CG’s from the first release of Shale Hill Secrets will follow on Friday!

The MC has found an interesting video website with some familiar girls… This means you can look forward to a beautiful sunset date between Amy and Morgan, a hot yoga session between Tamara and Rachel, along with an interesting trip to the nurse with Lauren and Johanna. 

Click here to download it!


 by Bobhiggins in April 2, 2021

When is the release? It’s the 2nd today any update for the people :).

 by Zed in April 2, 2021

It's out now :)

 by Lucifer in April 7, 2021

hey when will double homework episode 18 and 19 be released for free?

 by Zed in April 9, 2021

TBD, keep an eye out!

 by Lucifer in April 20, 2021

is there any chance that you guys will release the special content of DFD for patrons for free?

 by Zed in April 22, 2021

Hello! The special bonus scenes will remain exclusive to $20+ patrons!

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