by Roman Torchwick in April 25, 2021

I played the game on windows but I just wanted to say that for the first release since Palmer's passing, it looks to be seriously promising. I like the direction the new engine is going in (good job Ricky). The art is fantastic (as usual) and overall, AW's directorial debut for LJ was fantastic, I'm sure Palmer would be proud of you guys (or is proud, depending on what you believe)

 by Zed in April 26, 2021

Thank you for your kind words! ❤️️

 by Arman in April 30, 2021

Don't You guys want to release the rest of DH game for free? I really miss it...

 by Zed in May 1, 2021

It will be released for free yes, we're planning to release the next episode very shortly!

 by furox in July 21, 2021

can i download for free?

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