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Announcement Shale Hill Secrets

It’s that time again! The July Platinum bonus scene is here.

This month the MC visits the comic book shop in search of some hentai – but nothing gets past Kristen and she mocks him for his choice of reading.

She takes him into the backroom and shows off some special order hentai comics, but it seems that she cannot contain her excitement of a special comic you may recognise! 😉

We hope you all enjoy this bonus scene, and we’ll see you next month for more.

$20+ Patrons can download the bonus scene here!

The Love-Joint Team.


 by Roman Torchwick in August 4, 2021

Hey there LJ team, remember me? It's Roman. I didn't leave a comment on your previous post because unfortunately I was quite busy and then had to deal with a month long series of health issues which unfortunately have still not resolved but I figured I'd comment on this one since who knows when next there will be a post. Anyway, just wanted to wish you all a great day or night and I wanted to let you know I'm very happy for the continued success of the team with Shale Hill even in the wake of Palmer's tragic loss, you guys are doing him proud with every update and every new release. Your games always have a certain standard of quality to them, a level of quality which is generally quite rare in the AVN community. Despite me not agreeing with some things in DH, you guys always deliver and I wanna say a very big thank you. Anyway, as you probably know by now, I don't normally leave comments this long on the website so I'll end it off here, good luck on the next release and have an awesome rest of your week.

 by Zed in August 12, 2021

Hey Roman! I'm so sorry to hear that, I really hope your health issues improve soon, sending you all the best! Thank you for the lovely words, it really means a lot. We'll keep trying our best to deliver at a high standard. Stay safe and stay strong!

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