by Natesaurus in October 10, 2021

When are we getting the finale for DH for free?

 by Kenneth in October 13, 2021

Hi I was just wondering when the 19th episode of Double Homework will be released for free and the 2 epilogues... I don't need to get this posted. I'd just like an answer please =) Don't have a good day, have a great day ;)

 by Kenneth in October 13, 2021

... oh yeah... and what about Shale Hill Secrets... when can we expect the first episode free?

 by dude in October 14, 2021

when you release the new episode

 by quintelle in October 15, 2021

Y'all need to stop asking for DH19 to be released for free. I get it, I want to play it just as badly as you guys do but in case you haven't noticed, the devs have been ignoring these comments for a while now. Constantly asking will get you nowhere.

 by Kenneth in October 19, 2021

I'm not constantly asking. I think individually people are just wondering when (I think christmas) But yeah... it seems like they are ignoring the posts. They might have other things on their minds and that's ok =) As always, love to Palmer(you will be missed... still) and crew Happy creativity and great health

 by Zed in October 25, 2021

It's important to understand how many times the question gets asked here. Truthy, I'm not ignoring comments - just that I've said all I can say right now. We have no ETA currently, but keep your eyes peeled. Thank you for the kind words, I wish you great health too :)

 by Kenneth in October 16, 2021


 by oz in October 24, 2021


 by theindiaman in October 17, 2021

I feel let down... Like absolutely let down. When Palmer led the team, there were consistent free episodes. Palmer truly created games for all. Websites like Patreon are not supposed to be used as purely business portals. They are subscription systems for content creators who otherwise provide free content but have special content for those willing to help out with the cost of running the servers by buying a subscription. Its extremely pathetic that not only have the developers forgotten their basic ideology of "creating free games", they have begun blatantly ignoring to the point of non responsiveness the queries for free release and whether or not free releases will happen? I dont have a problem they want to run this as a only for paid service. But I do have a problem that they market this as a free service and then expect people to pay for playing. A lot of my buddies from India, SriLanka and Bangladesh who regularly promoted this website in their circles have stopped visiting. This is also the last time that I will ever visit. Shame..... When creators forget their roots and become greedy.

 by Marco in October 30, 2021

I know you guys work hard for everything and Zed earlier mentioned above he cant give more updates on it. But by now its just really getting ridicilous. It has almost been half a year!! since the last free episode has gone out. Like really when its out for Patreon users its not that hard to put it out for free right.... 2 months is already very long to put things out, but half a year and not even having an ETA on releasing more? Thats ridicilous.

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