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Announcement Shale Hill Secrets

The October bonus scene is here, and it’s with someone special.

The scene picks up from where Shale Hill Secrets – Episode 4 left off with Valerie, but it goes a little differently this time! Val pulls you in and says she called you over simply for her own pleasure. Who are you to say no… 😉

Click here to download!


 by ch in November 3, 2021

Hey, are you still claiming that Episode 19 of Double Homework will eventually be released for free, or did this stance change by now? At this point Id be fine either way, but I would like to know for sure. Thanks in advance

 by Zed in November 9, 2021

Hi! Yes it will still be release for free, this has not changed :)

 by jandedino in November 6, 2021

MOATJE ik ben beu van wachte ze is da zo moeilijk om de laatste paar games van DH gratis te maken jalo beetle lui much beetje gierig much

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