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Hello everyone, the time has come… Shale Hill Secrets – Episode 4 Part 2 is here for Windows & MacOS (Android Incoming)!

As you all know, this new instalment is going to complete Episode 4. This doesn’t mean there is not as much content as you’d expect to see in a “normal” release. It is as big as any other one (a lot bigger than some earlier episodes too). This means we have more mystery, more investigations to do and, of course, a lot more love for our MC to end this year…

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 by Matt in December 23, 2021

Great episode so far, the story is getting pretty interesting, even though we are just starting it. But man, it's getting harder and harder to not get some Val love in the updates!

 by Zed in December 23, 2021

So glad you're enjoying it! I'm sure her time will come, she's great indeed! ;)

 by Daryl Saylor in December 25, 2021

I am having a problem. I have had a $20 membership now for a while, but, for some reason, the membership does not show up on Patreon and because of that I cannot download the most recent installment. I have left comments at Patreon and on but have not received any responses. Is there anything you can do to help straighten this out? I can email you a copy of my receipt if needed.

 by Zed in January 2, 2022

Hey Daryl! Sorry to hear you're having issues, I hadn't yet seen anything about it. It's best to go to our Discord with these if possible, so we can respond pretty much straight away. Does it ask you to pledge again when you try to access the posts, and when logged in? Feel free to respond here, or more preferably on our Discord sever! :)

 by Rony in February 17, 2022

That was too match good

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