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Announcement Free Game Release

Hello guys!

We hope this post finds you all well! So, yes, it is finally here! Episode 19 of Double Homework is released for free to all of the community.

We know this took longer than usual, but with all the changes we were forced to make in the studio and along with the new game, our small team had to have 200% of it’s attention focused exclusively on Shale Hill Secrets. We hope you understand.

Anyways, now it’s time to play! In this chapter you will have a lot of fun, since this is by far the longest episode – text and image wise – in the whole Double Homework series. Well, you will see for yourself, right?

Hopefully you all enjoy this final release of DH! If you aren’t part of our community yet, consider becoming a supporter! Our team is committed to creating quality story driven games. With more people onboard, we are surely going to have more resources to keep pushing.

Use the variable editor to change your previous choices so you can skip replaying the entire game!

Click here to play the game!

Cheat code to jump directly into the girl’s path you want: ep19finalcheat

Merry Christmas and enjoy the game!

This is the nineteenth and final episode of Double Homework, a story about a guy undergoing a very tough time in his life, due to an incident that literally changed him forever. Fortunately, he lives together with two girls, and he focuses on trying to break the bad cycle he has fallen into. You can find the other eighteen episodes here. The epilogues are available for supporters here (Epilogue 1) and here (Epilogue 2).

The only supported browser for mobile is Chrome. To get fullscreen, open the game, tap the options button of the browser (“…”) and select “Add to Homescreen”. This option is also available on iOS under the share icon on Safari.

Important: Do NOT minimize the game while playing on mobile, as your system may kill it and you will lose your progress. Make sure to save before you leave the game.

Note that you might see a black window for a while until the game loads. Consider closing your other browser tabs before playing. Again, disable your ad-blocker! (We don’t have any ads). If the game feels laggy on desktop computers,  make sure your system GPU drivers are up-do-date and that “hardware acceleration” is enabled in your browser settings (same applies to DFD).

Want to add this game to your website? Use the following HTML code:

<iframe name=”Double Homework Ch 19” src=”″></iframe>

If you like this, please support the development of DH, and our other projects by going to our Patreon and supporting us, while getting the chapters before anybody else and other Patreon exclusives.

Join the Love-Joint Discord community or follow us on Twitter to stay updated with all announcements and previews!


Game Design: Palmer
Writing: AW
Graphics: MuseX, Catnip, Rofax & Ricky
Programming: Ricky


 by Spud in December 23, 2021

Merry Christmas everyone

 by Dragoon420 in December 24, 2021

will ep 19 be able to download at all ???

 by Roman Torchwick in December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas to the team and everyone else here. I'm happy for the F2Ps who now finally have their hands on this. I do have a somewhat negative comment coming up which I really don't like to do but I'll save it for a while so that no one has a bad taste in their mouth. For now, wishing the team a great day and a great New year.

 by Kenta in December 26, 2021

so sad it is over but i for one is hoping that it will return now some notes on the episode 1 Amy being a princess ? supricing , but not needed . 2 Dennis Dad , unnecessary(did not bring anything to the story) . 3 would have wished for all girls joining Tamara , Johanna , Rachel and me on the roof(a small harem)

 by Todd Weaver in December 26, 2021

Using my cell phone was necessary, will the Story Game be available later as well? I happen to like all the people, even the aholes. Actually love a few as well. Pity only a story. Thank you for making it free, as reasonable as it was, I could not afford it. And thank you for making it as well. PAX Happy New Year to all real humans and our high school friends.

 by James in December 27, 2021

Amazing!! Loved every bit of it. You all did an amazing job and I was sad to see the final credits come up. But I am still very happy to have been granted the pleasure of playing this amazing series. I do have a question though. Will Shale Hill be free to play eventually just like DH? Because I would love to experience another amazing creation of yours.

 by jim in December 30, 2021

Loved the Possum Kingdom reference. That was an unexpected bit of nostalgia.

 by Anonymous in January 11, 2022

This episode was amazing! Loved the complete story. Waiting for the epilogues to release for free, hope you do it soon.

 by Johnathan in January 19, 2022

Thanks for making this game guys, that was one hell of a trip. I regret not being able to support your team, just as a result of not being in that position, but the pleasure of being able to experience it is as real as it could have possibly been. The characters, the questions, the answers, the fun, the action and the emotional journey was all worth it. Thank you Palmer (Rest in Peace) and the rest of the team.

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