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Hello guys!

2022 is almost here, and this crazy year is finally coming to an end. The pandemic creates the illusion that a lot of things are on hold, but a lot has happened in 2021 for the Love-Joint team.

At the end of last year we had the most difficult challenge of our short history: we lost a dear friend, a pillar of the studio, and we had to put everything together quickly to keep going. We started a new Patreon page, finished Double Homework and then brought some new people onto the team to start work on a new game.

We are now exploring new territories with Shale Hill Secrets, and so far the experience has been rewarding, with lots of great feedback from both old and new players. For 2022 our idea is to keep pushing even harder. We are cooking up a few new things (we hope we can share the news with you guys soon!), so that Love-Joint can continue to grow bigger and stronger as it has always been!

2021 was a challenging year for sure, but all we have to say is that we are very grateful for your guys’ support. Every single one of you who stuck by us and helped the team pass turbulent times: thank you very much! – it really helped knowing that we have a solid community holding our back!

You guys are awesome! Let’s all make 2022 a great year!


 by Chris in January 1, 2022

Have an awesome year you guys too! I've been following since the start of DfD and I'll keep on being a fan as you only put out the best of games! Really excited to hear about what's coming next and congrats on making Shale Hill such a great game thus far, I'll be following the story closely~

 by Khalil Gray in January 10, 2022

Is there going to be a new season or just more episodes for double homework pls let me know because I REALLY LOVE DOUBLE HOMEWORK. Even made my cry because I didn’t want to stop playing it lol.

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