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Announcement Game Release Shale Hill Secrets

Hey guys, hopefully everyone is keeping well!

We are happy to announce the gallery update for Shale Hill Secrets is here!

The scene gallery, which will enable you to quickly view specific you have unlocked during the game, is something that many of you have been requesting for a while. We are so happy to finally have this feature implemented. We have included a few separate options inside each scene, which will help you replay the scene in the way you wish to do so.

The Platinum bonus scene gallery is something we have also wanted to do for a while. Just clicking through photos is not the same, so we are finally happy to have the bonus scenes in engine with sound, transitions and more importantly: some text to give you the most immersive experience possible.

Patrons can download the new update here!


 by MLink in February 23, 2022

I'm thinking about becoming a Platinum patron next month I just have one question about these platinum scenes, are they animated? Or just renders? I saw one scene with Haley, I think that scene is free just to give an example on how the scenes work, but what about the other scenes? Are they animated or just like the Haley scene? I think animations are a must for platinum scenes. Are you gonna add more of them next update?

 by Zed in March 1, 2022

They are not animated, no. They were images only, but we've recently started adding text to them to make them a more complete scene!

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