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Hello everyone!

We just wanted to check in with you all to let you know we’re still kicking and finishing up work on Shale Hill Secrets – Episode Five.

Some of you have noticed we’ve been a little bit quiet with posts recently, but as we explained before, we’re trying to keep some things in this episode under wraps. This ultimately means we’ve not been able to post many previews, as we’re really keen as always for you to discover every detail yourself in game.

Something we can tell you about this episode is that you will start to see the effects of your decision making within the game. There are a few different options you can pick within this episode, all which lead to different scenes and dialogues. This means you need to pick carefully to see specific things, but for those of you that love to replay and explore all other different options, this should keep you a little busy! As we said when we started SHS, giving players more control of their choices is something that was very important to us, and you can expect to see this starting to expand more as the game progresses.

We are finishing up on final tasks, starting to compile everything together and testing the game in full. We’d love to have it with you very soon! We will make another post once we are 100% sure about a release date. It shouldn’t be too long of a wait for patrons now!

Thank you all so much for your support and patience, we’ll see you soon for the release!
The Love-Joint Team.

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