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Shale Hill Secrets – Episode 6 | Preview #2
Last night we posted another little sneak peek (image below) of Shale Hill Secrets – Episode 6, along with a little preview of the April Bonus Scene to all patrons!
View Here!

April Bonus Scene: Haley’s Housewarming Party
In another full playable scene, this month features the blue haired beauty Haley. She’s invited you over for a housewarming party in her new apartment, but it seems rather quiet for a party… Maybe she has something special planned for you. Available now to Platinum+ patrons!
Download Here!


 by Zhin in May 8, 2022

Since you've been under new management, there was only 1 free release. I know you make your money from Patreons, but it's been the same even under previous management. Y'all changed and it turned out b a d l y.

 by jandedino in May 12, 2022

any idea when the first EP will be free to play?

 by Zed in May 14, 2022

Stay tuned for updates regarding that :)

 by Aaron in May 14, 2022

Is SHS ever gonna be free. Do you know when the steam release will happen also?

 by Zed in May 14, 2022

We'll be talking about this + the Steam release soon, still finalising some things internally :)

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