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Announcement Free Game Release Game Release Shale Hill Secrets

Hey guys, we hope you’re all keeping well!

The time has come. We are delighted to announce that the first free release of Shale Hill Secrets is here for everyone to play!

This is a big one. We’re releasing the first FIVE episodes of the game for free. These episodes include six separate updates spanning well over a year of development, so we’re talking at least a good 10+ hours of gameplay all at once, depending on how fast you read of course.

Also, to give you a little taste of what Patrons experience in the bonus scenes, we’re including some exciting things for you all to check out in the Bonus Scenes Gallery – don’t be shy and take a good look there! 😉

A lot of hard work has gone into making this game, so if you did enjoy it and haven’t already, we would really appreciate it if you considered supporting us on Patreon. Here you can gain instant access to the next episode, all previously released bonus scenes and access to new episodes the second they drop!

👉 Click here to download Shale Hill Secrets.

Steam Version

We’ve been promising some news on the Steam release of Shale Hill Secrets for a couple of months, but unfortunately this planned project has suffered some unexpected delays, including things outside of our reach. This is our first time exploring Steam, so we are taking the time now to make sure we’re doing everything correctly.

Right now, we are still exploring ways to solve these issues so that we can finally publish a solid and perfect version of Shale Hill Secrets on the Steam platform. Originally, we planned to make available these five episodes on Steam first, but we don’t currently have a timeframe of when this will be resolved – meaning we have made the decision to release these episodes for free in the meantime through

Once we have a clearer picture of this release, we will update all of you here and explain a little more what we have planned. For now, we encourage everyone to wishlist Shale Hill Secrets directly on Steam, so you can get alerted when it’s finally ready!

Also, don’t forget to join our Discord Channel.


 by Azza in June 9, 2022

Guys Palmer would be so proud of what youve done here

 by Zed in June 14, 2022

Thank you so much for the kind words! ❤️

 by Faceless737 in June 11, 2022

Thank you. But is it possible to make a "play in browser" version for the game. Would very much appreciate it.

 by Zed in June 14, 2022

It's not no. With this game, we decided to move completely offline. HTML5 games were very limiting and when having the game fully offline, we have a lot more freedom with features!

 by MC in June 15, 2022

Wow just finished first 5 episodes well done Love Joint team. The settings and characters are deep and fun to follow. Oh yes cant forget to give a shout out to DFD Toasterman Alumn. Keep up the great work.

 by Zed in June 20, 2022

Thank you so much for the kind words!

 by Movert in June 15, 2022

Hello, I have trouble with the text input pop in, whatever the case, the input does not update. And I can't even launch it since I can't set a name for MC. I (would like to) play the android version, I already had this problem with DfD on chrome but not on Firefox

 by Zed in June 20, 2022

Please head over to our Discord so we can assist you easier!

 by lawlietjustice in June 22, 2022

hey i wonder where the save files are located to in android?

 by Spidey in July 3, 2022

Hey guys👋🏻, I really appreciate and loved your previous two games! And also downloaded the 5 episodes of this SHS too! I have a doubt, so when you make the next couple of episodes free, will the file be from Ch 1- *current episode* or will it be from Ch 6 - *current episode* ? I am new to these Visual novels and have downloaded a few and I don't know how it'll work for the next upcoming episodes. Btw, Huge Fan, if possible, would've been a Patreon, but unfortunately couldn't. 😐 I'll always love you and the Entire Team of the current and the previous games!!

 by Spidey in July 3, 2022

Hey, Team of SHS👋🏻 I have downloaded the 5 Episodes of this and yet to play, seriously loved your previous games DFD and DH2!! But I have a doubt, since now that you have released the first 5 episodes, in the future, how will release the next couple of episodes? Like, will it be from Ep 1- *current episode* or will it be Ep 6- *current episode* ? I am new to the downloading and playing visual novel games, cause I have only played the play in browser ones. Btw, Big Fan of the three games, seriously love you guys and the People behind this, the Entire team, infact. Wish I would be one of your Patreons, but unfortunately couldn't be. 😔 Anyway, I can patiently wait for more!!

 by Zed in July 16, 2022

Hey! When we next release an episode for free, you'll just download the new version and be able to continue from your current progress. The download will always be the full version, meaning you can download the new one whenever it comes and delete the previous one (your progress will be safe, it is stored elsewhere!)

 by Spidey in July 6, 2022

Just checking if my comment reached.

 by Anonymous in July 26, 2022

oh man i'm loving how similar some of these characters are to the ones from DH, though still having their own unique defining characteristics, too.. can't wait to learn more about valerie 🤤

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