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Hello friends, how’s it going?

We know some of you have been waiting for a long time (so have we!) and it is finally here. Love-Joint is delighted to announce that the Shale Hill Secrets Demo is now available on Steam.

Unfortunately, the Steam release took a lot of extra work behind the scenes (partly due to bugs on the platform), but it’s finally ready! The demo includes the first six episodes of the game and lasts for a few good hours of fun!

Click here to download Shale Hill Secrets on Steam Demo now!

(Shale Hill Secrets – Episode 7 + 8 available today on Patreon!)

Is it the same as the version on Itch?

Kinda. It will be almost identical to the build available on Itch (now, with the six first episodes of the game available for free). However, due to Steam’s policy, we can’t offer our Login with Patreon feature in this version of the game, meaning that only the demo will be available on Steam for now.

That’s why Itch is still going to be our main distribution channel until the game is completed. After that, we are planning to release a “special version” of Shale Hill Secrets on Steam, maybe an ultimate edition.

Please note that your current progress is stored directly on your device and will work in both the Steam and Itch versions of the game.


Like in other platforms you need to enable adult content in Steam to be able to see the game’s page. So, make sure that you have the “Adult Only Sexual Content” setting enabled in your account. Also, if the page doesn’t load, it’s likely that you’re not logged in – you must be logged in to see adult content.

Episode Six Released For Free – Itch

With this release, comes the sixth episode of the game for free! We won’t discuss the ending of the last free episode here in case any new players are reading, but those of you waiting for this release can finally have some of your questions answered.

Please note that you can still download the game on Itch if you prefer to use that rather than Steam.

Click here to download Shale Hill Secrets on Itch.
Click here to get Shale Hill Secrets on Steam.

Stay foxy,
The Love-Joint Team.


 by Azza in November 14, 2022

There no launch button or zip file after download from Itch, what am i missing?

 by Zem in November 18, 2022

Maybe not best place but could not comment on itch. Got recently version 8.5 an it allready froze few times on beginning of chapter 2. Once I got error Bix showing show_message is deprecated, use show_message_async

 by Zed in February 28, 2023

If you're still having issues, please report them to us on our Discord!

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