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Game Development Preview Shale Hill Secrets

Hey guys!

The end of March is here, meaning another bonus scene is ready for you all to enjoy!

Up next, the one many people have been waiting for… Leah!

A lot of you guys have been asking for Leah for a very long time, and we’re glad to finally bring you a proper bonus scene for her. It’s been a long time coming, but we had to make sure you all got to experience certain things with her firsthand in game before doing so in a bonus scene.

In this scene, Leah and MC get a little downtime after winning a competition to stay at a resort. Life is stressful back home, so they take this opportunity to get a little mental break. After a day in the sun and dinner during a beautiful sunset, one thing leads to another. We’ll leave you to discover the rest!

Head here to download the full 4K assets, and download the newest version of SHS to play in game now!

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