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Hello everyone, how’s it going?

We’re thrilled to announce that the second episode of Streaming For Love is now available for download on Windows, Android, and macOS for all our Platinum+ patrons.

As we agreed upon during the first release, in this alpha version, we’re giving a week of early access to our Platinum Patreons. So, Episode 2 of Streaming For Love will be available for Gold supporters in one week, on 03/29.

But hey, here’s a tip – both for Platinum and Gold players. The first episode of the game has been remastered, and we’ve added several new effects, including a new streaming screen with the girls, which promises to bring some cool stuff in the future. So, it’s worth checking out!

Itch and free version

Streaming For Love has finally arrived on Itch. Just like with our previous releases, our new game will also be distributed through the platform. You can check out the Streaming For Love page on Itch by clicking here.

Download Here

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have released v0.2.2 to address some crashes. If you installed v0.2.0 through the Itch App, make sure to UNINSTALL it first and then re-install it; this way ensuring you are getting the fixed build. You can double check the version you are running in the top right corner of the main menu.

Along with this news, we’re also announcing that the first episode of the game is now available, completely free, on the platform. We hope you enjoy it and come join our family on Patreon. You’ll also gain access to all episodes of Shale Hill Secrets, and as a Platinum patron, you’ll instantly unlock the second episode of Streaming For Love, along with over 30 fully playable bonus scenes available in Shale Hill Secrets as well as the epilogues of Double Homework.

Technical updates

We won’t go into too much detail, but there are some very important upgrades to gameplay, such as asynchronous image loading while the game runs. In the past, our games had to allocate images, sounds, well, everything in the computer’s memory – which could be quite heavy (remember those loading animations? I still have nightmares about them!). Now, everything related to gameplay is loaded in the background, smoothly and without your machine feeling any impact.

Various bugs have been fixed, and it’s not even worth going into the details of each one – but it was quite a bit of work. Additionally, we’ve reworked the codes involving the mini-games – and in this second episode, you’ll get a taste of how things might unfold in the next released!

Anyway, enough talking. Hope you guys enjoy this episode! Ah, and just a reminder: join our Discord server! Here you can give feedback,, report typos/bugs, and discuss our games with other players.

We hope you all enjoy this episode, and we shall see you soon for more, so stay tuned!

Stay foxy,
The Love-Joint Team.

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