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Announcement Shale Hill Secrets

Hey guys!

We hope everyone is keeping well. Another month is over which means it’s time for another SHS Platinum bonus scene… and this month we have a spicy one for you! 🔥

Valerie has given you a call and says that she’s left you a little present… On arrival, you realise it’s a better present than you ever could’ve imagined. We don’t need to bore you with a long description of this scene, it’s best you just jump right in and play it now.

Platinum+ patrons can play the scene in game now by downloading the newest version of Shale Hill Secrets here – alternatively, you can download the full scene in 4K. We hope you all enjoy this scene! The team is still hard at work on the next instalment of Shale Hill Secrets, and it’s a big one. Stay tuned for more information coming very very soon!

Much love,

The Love-Joint Team.

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