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Prepare for the ultimate post-apocalyptic adventure! As cities lie in ruins and terrifying monsters roam the land, humanity’s survival hangs by a thread. But fear not, for there is one man who can turn the tide: Toasterman!

In this epic saga, you’ll witness Toasterman’s unmatched expertise, skill, and daring as he navigates this changed world. Armed with toasters turned weapons, he leads a band of lost hotties, guiding them through the chaos, battling monstrous foes, and emerging as the beacon of hope in humanity’s darkest hour.

Explore an open world spanning over 510 square kilometers, in a game that defies belief by recreating the entire planet Earth. Collect resources, battle fearsome monsters, and most importantly: help the gorgeous girls survive, receiving all their gratitude in return…

Join Toasterman on a quest like no other, where every decision counts and every battle could 

be your last. Will you rise to the challenge and help save what remains of civilization? The fate of humanity rests in your hands!

From the universe created by Love-Joint Studios, this April 1st, Toasterman And The Hot Stuff Apocalypse!

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