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Announcement Shale Hill Secrets

Hey guys, we hope you’re all keeping well!

We’re happy to let you know that a new free release of Shale Hill Secrets, which many of you have been looking forward to, is here! Episode 10 is now available on all platforms (Windows, Android and Mac). Enjoy! 


Download at (v0.16.3)


Support us!

Like the game and what we do? Come and be part of our family – $10+ patrons currently have access to all our content. Here is what you are going to find becoming a Patron today:

  • Instant access to all episodes of Shale Hill Secrets released so far (16 episodes). More than 25 hours of gameplay!;
  • Instant access to new game releases;
  • Download and play all episodes of Streaming For Love;
  • More than 30 playable bonus scenes, with a new one released every month*;
  • All CGs of Shale Hill Secrets in 4k resolution*;
  • Full access to our posts and news;
  • Full access to our previous games, including epilogues, cheats, and bonus scenes packs.
  • Full access to new games, parallel projects, and more!

*contents available for Platinum+ members.

So if you’re curious about what happens next, we’d really appreciate the support!

All the best,
The Love-Joint Team.

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