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Game Release

Double Homework – Episode 15 has been released to patrons!

A deep, long, and complex episode that we feel is absolutely fantastic. Obviously we hope you feel the same way! Please leave constructive feedback in #game-feedback on our Discord if you can. We’d truly appreciate it.

$20 patrons get a lot this month, including a great visual bonus scene with Rachel and the MC being spied upon by someone we’ve only met briefly. Sexy af. Of course you also get all Ep15 images and cheat codes!

We hope you enjoy!


 by A in June 1, 2020

Getting bored in quarantine, can u guys please release chapters for free a little faster during this lockdown? Love u guys' work btw, keep doing it.

 by BloodBound in September 11, 2020

I really hope they do this I really enjoyed this episode but I really wanna play the others

 by Albino_African in June 1, 2020

When the next free episode come out? Can't wait for it

 by aaaff in June 2, 2020

That was a rollecoaster of an episode, make you crave for a quick resolution and more time to enjoy the good part. Was very happy to see that there was a Ms. Walsh scene, would be great if you could expand the routes and endings by including Ms. Walsh, Dr. Mosley and Rachel's mom. ;)

 by Zed in June 8, 2020

Glad you enjoyed it!

 by Wilfred in June 4, 2020

Yeah I agreed with 'A'. We having so much boredom in our lives so please rralesee others for free. You know men I love this game maybe I can live with it? Hehe 😍

 by Lol in June 4, 2020

I wish I had a friend like that. Understanding, beautiful and some kind of 'horny' if I'd really to mention it? This game really thinks me crazy

 by Lol in June 4, 2020

Or should I say 'FRIENDS'

 by David Kearney in June 5, 2020

Good Episode Zed but terrible ending...Also, super stoked to hear about another new game coming soon.

 by Zed in June 8, 2020

Sorry you didn't enjoy the ending David, hopefully it all works out in the next episode!

 by THE UNDERSTANDING ONE in June 5, 2020

I've read all of comments in this game and the other people are so harsh. They only wanted the free version but they don't recognize the group who makes this game. They'd rather be thankful to the AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL free versions. I hope this will give you an inspiration so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND THANK YOU .

 by Anominus in June 7, 2020

I agreed with A but i know its hard work to create something like that keep working because you are doing a great job

 by Your subscriber in June 18, 2020

If you guys waiting for another episode of double homework to be released for free, I highly recommend to play there other game like dfd. DFD is an amazing game also and it has a big revelation there that you won't expect. I can't spoil you so that it will be more surprising. So if you getting bored of the quarantine, you can play it. But it will only works on computer and that's very sad.

 by Zed in June 18, 2020

Glad you enjoyed it! It might work on some handheld devices, but not specifically built for it. Try adding to homescreen.

 by SammyBoy in September 2, 2020

Is there an eta on when this episode will be released. I know you just released 14 and it was a great episode btw so I understand if its going to be awhile. I love this series and can't wait!

 by Zed in September 10, 2020

Hey! We don’t set release dates in advance. Keep an eye out!

 by Not your average gamer in October 7, 2020

Just wanted to say you’ve done a really good job with this series! I’m at the point where I’m more in it for the plot/characters 😂. But honestly, I really enjoy seeing the characters develop and I hope to see more of the little life lesson stuff (I relate to it a lot lol). Great job love joint!

 by Jake in October 17, 2020

When is it coming out for free

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