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October’s Patreon content has been released! Thank you all so much for the support this month, we’re still a way from recovery, but we’re feeling a lot more confident than we were a few weeks ago. We hope this will tide you over until the release of Double Homework – Episode 19 in November!

$10+ Patron October Content

$20+ Patron October Content

If you’re coming from Palmer’s Patreon, please read this very important announcement we released earlier in the month.


 by Matthew in October 31, 2020

There’s no October Patreon content released so is this a mess up?

 by Ricky in November 1, 2020

What do you mean? The post literally links to the released content this month.

 by Zed in November 1, 2020

You might want to read the announcement on the bottom of the post

 by Matthew in November 1, 2020

And no one is going to be getting refunded as creator is the one that has to give them out

 by Zed in November 1, 2020

Sadly that's completely out of our hands, please do contact Patreon as there is always a chance. I really wish we could help more but it's completely up to Patreon

 by Matthew in November 1, 2020

So now here I am out of my money and I can’t even play the game I just paid for

 by Dlhund in November 2, 2020

Will episode 15 be released for free? Thank you in advance for your response and your work!

 by Jona in November 2, 2020

I am aware of your terrible loss and stress the past month and I am incredibly sorry for it. I still want to ask one question and please dont take it offending or something I just want to knwo. No pressure, ok? When do you guys think are you going to release the next free episode of Double Homework?

 by Xian16 in November 2, 2020

As soon as I found out about Palmer's death, my deepest condolences, although I didn't know him, his games helped me a lot this quarantine. ps: please put episode 14 for free.

 by Jona in November 3, 2020

Episode 14 is already free. Just go to Augusts posts.

 by wojtek in November 9, 2020

is this for those that paid for nothing last 2 months, or only form new Patreon?

 by Ricky in November 9, 2020

As explained here, we lost access to the old Patreon account ( and there's nothing the team can do about it. The content linked on this post is a reward for those that joined the new Patreon page (

 by woj.tek in November 9, 2020

last release were delayed... also two month for one...

 by Ricky in November 9, 2020

Sorry one of our developers died and that delayed the game...

 by woj.tek in November 10, 2020

episode 18 was delayed before... my parents died, my brother died, my friend died, my best friend wife died...

 by Ricky in November 11, 2020

Oh sure, we kill someone in the team as an excuse every time we have a delay. Take your shit together. We've been doing monthly releases (95% of them in schedule) since 2018 when DFD started and our backlog is there to prove it.

 by woj.tek in November 12, 2020

Double Homework – Episode 18 slightly delayed. Current patrons will still get it! by Zed in August 27, 2020 September 26, 2020 Double Homework Episode 18 released for $10/$20 patrons! by Zed in September 19, 2020 Announcement Extremely Important and Sad Announcement. Please Read by Ricky in October 13, 2020 and charged 1 October, 1 September and August...

 by Zed in November 12, 2020

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make exactly? Episode 18 was slightly delayed yes, and we apologise for that, but people who paid for that month still had access to it. EP19 was obviously delayed again due to Palmer passing away, which was completely unexpected and heart-breaking for us all. Again, these are things out of our control, we don't have access to his Patreon to give refunds. It's as frustrating for us as much as it is you. Palmer was not just our colleague, he was a good friend to both of us so I find this really inconsiderate. "Two month for one" - patrons from that month still had access the month after, even if they unpledged. We still worked out hardest to get something out in October, which was an extremely difficult month for the team with things out of our control. As Ricky said, 95% of our games over the years have been released on time, monthly, we only delay them if really necessary. As we said, please reach out to Patreon regarding a refund for October, it's completely in their control. We cannot guarantee they will give one, but I have seen some be successful.

 by woj.tek in November 12, 2020

think about my point... is easy... i'm Patreon from DfD 2, and those 95% is a joke... episode 18 was paid... than charge in October for next, that should by 1 October... two week before Palmer dead... you work as team? but i think you don't understand was team work is... charge for October was not only for Palmer, should by shared for team... And why should i support now, before next episode (charged) is released? my work as book developer has many time to correct bad work from my collegues... for free...

 by Ricky in November 12, 2020

I honestly don't understand completely what the big deal is. 1) When DH 18 was delayed we informed patrons beforehand. It was completely possible to cancel the pledge before October was charged and still get DH 18 as we explained in the post (we messaged the game link to all August patrons even if they didn't remain as patrons in October. No one was forced to pay twice for it). 2) We don't "sell" games per month in Patreon. Patreon isn't a game store. It is a crowdfunding platform people use to support creators they like. People support us because they like what we do. We do our best to make monthly releases so people have something new to look at every month and keep engaged with the project. Other creators in this business take they sweet time to release updates (sometimes several months). 3) I'm honestly not going to justify myself about the delay caused by Palmer's passing. It was a big disruption for the whole team. We lost ALL our funding suddenly, plus many other things. If you don't have empathy to understand that, I have nothing else to say about it.

 by woj.tek in November 13, 2020

retink what you write... i support your team 2 year... one project is more than year in alpha phase... why should i cancel my support? i thought episode 19 is comming, not delaying... is difficult to understand? tehere was any post about delay for episode 19... why lost you your funding? charge was 1 October, before Palmer died... "We don't "sell" games per month in Patreon"? no you make games that need support to play... other creators maka games on platform that don't need support to play... that come to pirate sites...

 by Ricky in November 13, 2020

Thanks for supporting us for two years. I'm not engaging in this conversation anymore since is clear to me you are not understanding several things I'm explaining and this comment section is not practical to have a proper discussion. If you want, you can chat with us in our Discord channel and we can try to address your doubts.

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